hello, It's Ahleen.

Marketeer, Graphic Designer & All-around Unicorn-believer.

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I know how it feels.

Being in marketing for half a decade in the various sectors of Singapore's vibrant market has taught me this: no matter the industry, how you visually present your product is just as important as the product itself. Most of the time however, it was quite frustrating not to have your brand ideas properly executed by the branding agency or the design team.

I'm not letting that happen to you. Pinky swear.

Stuff I can do:

(And don't worry about having little budget, trust me, I've been there.)

  • Identity & Branding : Colors Palettes, etc.
  • Graphic Design : Logo, Marketing Collaterals
  • Campaign Dev't : Social Media Ads, etc
  • Social Media : Account Management
Graphic Design 95%
Marketing 92%
Chocolate-Eating 99%


The service packages below address various marketing and design needs. A custom package can also be created depending on your budget and requirements.
My portfolio includes work that I have completed for clients in the Philippines, Singapore, Korea and the UK.